Who am I?

Horses. They've been my lifeblood since I can remember. From grooming at international competitions with world-class horses to years spent training alongside Grand Prix riders, the equestrian world is where my heart truly lies. But there's another side to me – a side passionate about strategy and building a business that reflects your love for horses.

That's why I'm not your typical "business coach." I'm Rhiannon-Amber, The Equestrian Business Specialist.

Why I Do What I Do:

I spent 25+ years speaking the language of horses, earning qualifications that range from instructorship to hoof care and even equine psychology. But a fire always flickered within me, a desire to help fellow female equestrian entrepreneurs translate their passion into thriving businesses.

Let's face it, the equestrian industry has its own set of challenges. That's where my diverse background comes in. I not only understand your world, but I bring a powerful combination of skills to the table:

  • Business Savvy: My business management degree, marketing qualifications, and ongoing MBA fuel my strategic thinking.

  • Leadership Expertise: Leading teams across stables, charities, and even debt management honed my ability to guide businesses towards growth.

  • Bold Authenticity: I believe in being unapologetically yourself, and that extends to your business. Let's ditch the "fitting in" phase and build something truly remarkable.

What I Can Do for You:

I'm here to be your mentor, confidante, and guide. Together, we'll navigate the intricacies of the equestrian industry, tap into your unique strengths, and build a business that lets your passion shine.

Are you ready to transform your equestrian venture into an empire? Let's chat! Click here to schedule a consultation and get started on your journey to success. (link to contact page)


What do I do?

I empower inspire and challenge female equestrian business owners to get the most out of their businesses. I help you make more sales, revenue and profit (which are direct results of my 5-step marketing formula!) I teach you to build a stable business (no pun intended!) with predictable and consistent income. I teach you to put systems in place, meaning the business works so you don’t have to and ensure your service delivery is silky smooth and efficient! I help remove the stress from business and marketing, I’m a qualified mental health first aider and put a huge focus on ensuring your business isn’t taking a toll on your mental wellbeing.

I never force myself to fit in boxes. That’s why I’m NOT a business coach.

I do coach my clients but I’m not a business coach. The online world is polluted with business coaches who have about as much business knowledge and experience as a teaspoon…

Unlike most business coaches I’ve studied business at the highest levels possible. I didn’t pay a few grand for a couple of weeks’ course and a certificate from someone you’ve never heard of. All my qualifications are recognised internationally, and I’ve worked bloody hard for them!

Most business coaches repeat the same watered-down advice that every other business coach on Instagram recommends, constantly copying each other and throwing out cookie-cutter online courses to make a quick buck out of struggling business owners…

That’s not me! Believe it or not…

There are actually business coaches out there telling everyone how they’ve failed several businesses before becoming a business coach… I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t trust a driving instructor who wrote off three cars… So why trust a business coach who can’t keep a business afloat and couldn’t generate a profit?

I don’t fit in the business coach box, so I stopped even trying to!

Since my arrival on the equine business scene a few established coaches have tried to copy my words, but none can copy my vibe, knowledge or experience! If you want simple, no-BS business support from someone who genuinely cares about you and your business and delivers real results… you’re in the right place!

And did I mention some of the leading equine colleges endorse my work and invite me as a regular guest speaker AND I launched The Equestrian Business Podcast

The Equestrian Business Specialist

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